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F1X Screen shots

Simple usage: Program designed to search and look race results easily. You can reach all races quickly and also make searches with right click menus. You can use right click menus on driver, team, and track columns' content. Contents in GP Date column is available for double click for easy access to that race.


Analyze Windows: If you want statistical information about a driver you can double click its name on the result table.
Click to any of these results to display its content. You can view multiple analyze windows at the same time.


Comparing results is also possible with second table. Click to the button on top right of the program to create a second result table. It is as functional as the first table. New searches will always be shown in the first table so if you want keep some results in view, use second table to store them.
HTML button: This button extracts the information you viewed to a html file and shows it. Saved html files will be saved on 'html' directory in the program directory.


GP selection list on the right of the program also has a menu.


Points: You can access point tables from "Point Tables" menu. (Top right corner of the program)


These buttons get information from F1X website.
F1X News: By using this button, you get the latest announcements about the program.
F1X Update: Use this button to see if any new GP race result available to use. Currently, I am not updating these results much. (Program also has a manuel update menu to add new GP race results for one season).

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